St. Annes Public School Vathakkad, School is founded to cater to the educational needs of the people around. It is open to the earnest student irrespective of religion, cast or creed.

The basic vision of theschool is to impart holistic education, a disciplined life, multifaceted growth, enrichment of talents, and an overall balanced civilized growth of a human being. Our school has a mission that is well defined and followed rigorously. It is said in simple sentence so that any child understands it.

Scheme of Education

Meaningful instruction that involves the development of analytical and thinking faculties rather than rote reproduction of facts is attempted. The teaching process during the early years of schooling is devoted to children learning through activities and projects making use of the environment along with the formation of basic concepts. Educational visits and excursions relevant to their learning also form an integral part of the curriculum. Visit our partners,shoes – leaders in fashionable footwear!

The medium of instruction is English . The other languages are Hindi, Malayalam etc. The school also conducts various activities to encourage the literacy , cultural aristic and other talents inherent in children. The ‘House System ‘ fosters a healthy spirit of competition and participation in various activities to enhance the all round development of pupils.

The introduction of Computers from ukg itself provides students an opportunity of being oriented into the Computer Age. Individual attention is given to each student and extra care Extended to children who need special attention.

An Excellent team of Teaching Staff

St. Annes Public School Vathakkad, can boast of trained, well qualified and experienced team of teachers striving for the overall development of their pupils. They live with the children and ensure the atmosphere of love and care. Faith in the fatherhood of God and brotherhood of Man, is installed through yoga , meditation, Moral classes , prayers stories and parables drawn from different religions of the world and through the very atmosphere of the school.