Registration is prior to Admission.
Registration Fee is non-refundable

Entrance Test

Admission to school is generally based on an Admission test. However the test may be done away with the discretion of the school authorities Test will be conducted in English and Mathematics and will be such that a pupil from a standard school could do well in them. The decision of the Principal will be final. If you are looking for bracelet. There’s something to suit every look, from body-hugging to structured, from cuffs to chain chain bracelet and cuffs.

Admission Procedure

Admission forms are available in the School Office.
Forms duly filled must be submitted with all relevant documents.
Students joining from other schools will have to submit a Leaving /Transfer Certificate and a Copy of Birth Certificate.

Requisites at the time of admission

Photograph : Four passport size photographs of the student.
Birth Certificate : Student’s birth certificate has to be submitted at the time of admission.
Passport Copies : Foreign students should submit the photocopy of the student’s and both parent’s passport page showing their names and the residence permit stamp.
Medical Card : Medical/ Health card of students showing proof of inoculation / vaccinations administered to the students are also required.
Transfer Certificate : Original Transfer Certificate from the previous school is a must.
Civil Identity Card : Copy of the Civil ID of both the student and his/her father.


One month’s written notice of intention of withdraw is to be submitted to the school authorities.
The ‘Clearness Form ‘duly completed is to be submitted at the school office along with the prescribed Fee towards the Transfer Certificate after the letter of intent.
Transfer Certificate will be issued only after all school dues have been cleared.

Strike-off Rules

A pupil name will be struck off the school rolls on the following grounds:

Consistent failure to pay fees on due date.
Absence from school for a period of 30 continuous days without prior permission of the school authorities.
Repeated failure in any class for a period of 2 years in succession.
For gross misconduct resulting in damage to fair name of the School.
The pupil whose name is struck-off the rolls may be considered for re-admission to the school at the Principal’s discretion, but may be required to go through all the formalities of new admission cases.

Fee Structures Regulations

School fees should be paid before the term begins. In case where dues are not cleared, the name of the defaulter will be removed from the school rolls and re-admission will be granted only on payment of a re-admission fee.
Student will not be permitted to appear for the school examinations if their fees are not paid.
The tuition fees to be paid as fixed, hence no bills are issued. If however, there are any additional payments to be made for any special facilities provided; this will be intimated to parents by way of a notice.